Original Myth

One day the beautiful goddess Aphrodite started thinking about all the other god’s patrons. Then she realized she did not have an animal for people to recognize what she stood for. She went looking into a forest to see what animal would correctly suit her. Aphrodite saw many animals, but all were not beautiful enough, or were to crazy. She finally gave up and sat down underneath a tree. When Aphrodite laid down she saw the two doves. They seemed to be in love. Aphrodite was admiring them when it suddenly clicked. The doves were beautiful and seemed to be in love!! She had found her patron. This story symbolizes how Aphrodite’s patron animal was a dove. 

Interesting Fact About Pi

In 2002 a Japanese scientist used a computer named “Hitachi SR 8000” to find 1,240,000,000,000 digits of pi. That broke all other records for the amount of digits found in pi.

If anyone is wondering why I posted a random fact about pi it is for Ms. Miskelly’s math class.

Nelson Mandela vs. Martin Luther King Jr.

There is a similar characteristic between Mandela and King. Both of which brought freedom and rights to their nations. Nelson Mandela was in jail for 30 years in which to save his people. Martin Luther King Jr.  spent many nights in jail because he fought for his race. King didn’t fight physically though, he fought violence free much like Nelson Mandela did. Many people think that war solves the countries problems. Mandela and King both fought violence free and look at the impact they made. There are differences between these two men. Mandela had to spend 30 years in jail because he had different political views. King only had to spend a few days at a time. Nelson Mandela was put in jail because he was “racist”, where as Martin Luther King Jr. was put in jail because he lead the African American people to “unnecessary” actions.

The poem titled “Invictus” by William Henley was very important to Nelson Mandela.  “And yet the menace of the years, Finds and shall find me unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, how charged the punishments the scroll.” I think this meant a lot to Mandela because it gave him hope to go on for all the years in jail. I think his favorite verse is, “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” I think this because it is much like Mandela’s determination to keep fighting for what he believes in against all odds, and no one could take that away from him.

I think the qualities of  a hero are; courage, faith, noble, and humbling. This is why King Arthur is always portrayed as a hero becasue  he is all of these chacteristics plus some. I think a modern hero is policemen. No one really thinks of police as a hero, but they put their lives in danger to keep our city safe.



Yesterday I went sledding down Sherwood and it was so much fun!!! But I found out that it’s not a good idea to have 3 people sledding at the same time on one tiny sled because you end up crashing into a mailbox, brick wall, and hurting your head! But it was still tons of fun!!