Those Crazies at the Creek!!!!

Last night Juliana and I went down to the creek to search for insects. (For those of you who don’t have Mrs. Helms we have to do a insects collection.) As we were trying to catch a bug we saw two butterflies land, and we got excited. Juliana and I started chasing them with nets and Windex. We were both laughing the whole time we are chasing the butterflies. The butterflies got away and I threw the net down and screamed ” I HATE THIS PROJECT!!!!!!” Juliana is mad too so she is screaming and squirting Windex all over the place. Then we look over and see this family riding their bikes on the Greenway. The family is staring at us like we are a bunch of crazies and idiots (no comments). Juliana looks at me and we start cracking up for like ten minutes. After we stop laughing, she says “that was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.” My reply was, ” mine too.”

17 thoughts on “Those Crazies at the Creek!!!!


  2. Yeah they are definitely a lot faster than I thought. And I’m pretty sure that this post will get TONS of comments….. where’s josh to tell us that we’re crazy????

  3. Hello Bailey,
    I am a student from Australia and I have been asked to reguarly leave comments on your blog. I would really appreciate if you are able to leave cooments on my blog. Type New Gisborne in google search an go into grade 6s. You then go onto 6B an find the name Jack. Good Luck

  4. You must have felt embarrased. I’m sure you and Juliana would have found theese series of events very exciting. Good luck next time on catching the butterflies.

    From Jack

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