Part 2

So we left off when Sammy is talking to Officer Borsch. He gives Sammy mug shot which she looks at for two hours before finding Snake Eyes, who’s real name is Raymond Ramirez. He was in jail for holding up a donut shop. (a donut shop really?)

Once Sammy gets back to school she has to go to an emergency softball meeting. The shortstop, Dawn, broke her arm, so Heather Acosta has to take her place. Now for those of you who have never read Sammy Keyes I will explain. Sammy absolutely hates Heather because she is the popular mean girl at school. Since Heather played for the rival team everyone is scared to tell her the plays so she could tell her other team. After softball practice Marissa and Sammy want to see the field they’re playing on for the championship, and the take a shortcut. Well they pass a wall that has SW written all over it which means they’re in Southwest gang territory. Thank goodness Borsch is patrolling. Officer Borsch ends up telling them different gang signs. Once Sammy and Marissa get to the field they see three girls walking up to them. The girls are SW gang girls who asks about the baby’s mom. (Sammy has started calling the baby Pepe) The three girls know about Pepe’s mom, but claims they don’t. Sammy has to figure out who the girls are, and who Pepe’s mom is, so they go to they local high school library to look at yearbooks. The three gang girls are Sonja Ibarra, Margie Hernandez, and Gizelle Menendez which are seniors. Pepe’s mom who they thought was 22 turns out to be 16, and a sophomore. I’ll end this part here sorry for the information overload I just gave you!

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