Part 3

I left of when Sammy and Marissa are called to the principals office the next day at school. The rival middle school said Sammy and Marissa spray painted on their walls.They were framed by someone who doesn’t want them in the softball championship. Now they can’t play at the tournament which they are furious about. Sammy and Marissa go to the game to support their team. While there they see Snake Eyes. They follow him till he stops at a garage that acts as his house. Snake Eyes leaves so Sammy goes in to find Pepe’s mom, while Marissa stands outside so she can get the police if needed.

Sammy walks in the house when she hears something in the basement. It is Pepe’s mom! She has duct tape around her mouth and legs. After a while Snake Eyes captures Marissa, and puts her in the basement not knowing Sammy’s in there. The three create a plan to escape. Snake Eyes comes in, and they let out the boiling water from the heater. They blast him in the face leaving him unconscious. Lena (Pepe’s mom) finds cement, and cements his butt to a wheelbarrow. Lena gets Pepe back, whose real name is Joey. It turns out Heather Acosta’s brother found a duffel bag full of  evidence showing Heather spray painted the walls, who now is suspended. That was the end so thanks for reading.

Part 2

So we left off when Sammy is talking to Officer Borsch. He gives Sammy mug shot which she looks at for two hours before finding Snake Eyes, who’s real name is Raymond Ramirez. He was in jail for holding up a donut shop. (a donut shop really?)

Once Sammy gets back to school she has to go to an emergency softball meeting. The shortstop, Dawn, broke her arm, so Heather Acosta has to take her place. Now for those of you who have never read Sammy Keyes I will explain. Sammy absolutely hates Heather because she is the popular mean girl at school. Since Heather played for the rival team everyone is scared to tell her the plays so she could tell her other team. After softball practice Marissa and Sammy want to see the field they’re playing on for the championship, and the take a shortcut. Well they pass a wall that has SW written all over it which means they’re in Southwest gang territory. Thank goodness Borsch is patrolling. Officer Borsch ends up telling them different gang signs. Once Sammy and Marissa get to the field they see three girls walking up to them. The girls are SW gang girls who asks about the baby’s mom. (Sammy has started calling the baby Pepe) The three girls know about Pepe’s mom, but claims they don’t. Sammy has to figure out who the girls are, and who Pepe’s mom is, so they go to they local high school library to look at yearbooks. The three gang girls are Sonja Ibarra, Margie Hernandez, and Gizelle Menendez which are seniors. Pepe’s mom who they thought was 22 turns out to be 16, and a sophomore. I’ll end this part here sorry for the information overload I just gave you!

Sammy Keyes and the Search for Snake Eyes (part 1)

I’m reading Sammy Keyes and the Search for Snake Eyes for our project, and love it so far. Sammy Keyes is the main character, as you probably guessed, who is in middle school. Her mom left her to live with her Gram to get a job in Hollywood.

Sammy and her best friend Marissa are at the mall when a girl comes up to them and is freaking out on how ”Snake Eyes” is going to kill her. When Snake Eyes comes in the arcade the mysterious girl gives Sammy a big bag, tells her to meet her back there at 7, and runs off. Once ”Snake Eyes” left (who by the way has a huge snake with snake eye dice for eyes tatted on his arm) Sammy and Marissa look in the bag and almost have a heart attack. Inside the bag is a real baby sleeping soundly. They do the natural thing, freak out and run out of the mall. Sammy goes home and tells her Grams about what just happened, and Grams makes her go to the arcade back at 7. The girl never came forcing Sammy to take the baby to her house for the night. She got almost no sleep that night because of the baby’s cry. The next morning Sammy goes to the police station and talks to Officer  Borsch about the situation. He asks Sammy about the girl and “snake eyes”. They find out they are from two rival gangs.(the girl North West, Snake Eyes South West) That is as far as I’ve gotten so far.

Wendelin Van Draanen

Wendelin Van Draanen was born on January 6, 1965 in Chicago, Illinois. She was the daughter of Dutch chemists who emigrated to the United States. Wendelin Van Draanen dropped out of college after her father died. She was a math teacher, and a computer teacher before becoming a full time writer. Her first book was Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief published in 1998. Wendelin Van Draanen now lives with her husband Mark Parsons and two sons Connor and Colton. Her and her family now live in Santa Monica, California.

The Lost Hero

I read The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, and it was the best book I have ever read! It’s about three demigods who make their way to Camp Half Blood. One of the three demigods, Jason, has no memory of anything that has happened in his past, but he does have a feeling that he has played a big part in the fall of Kronos. Piper, Leo, and Jason set off on a quest to free Hera, the queen of the gods. At the same time Percy Jackson has gone missing, so Annabeth sets out to find him. Piper, Jason, and Leo end up saving Hera, and finding out why Percy Jackson has gone missing. For more information go read the book.

The Classes Change

Whitesburg got new teachers this week. There is a new pre-algebra teacher named Mrs. Deaton. (who by the way is the awesome!) My best friend Juliana and I were in the same math class, but now she got moved to Mrs. Deaton’s class.  Now we are only in one class together which stinks. Since Juliana is my best friend, this is so hard. Right now I am sad, mad, and really upset.

The Essence of Me

Here is what makes me an American, Alabamian, and a Southern Girl.

I am proud to be American. My great grandparents immigrated from Hungary.This means I am a native born citizen. Hot dogs and pizza play a big part in my life. I love to be outside and climb trees.

I am an Alabamian because my parents moved here long before I was born. I was born in Huntsville Hospital. I don’t mind the 100% humidity in the summer time. I feel like I’m going to die if it gets below 40 degrees.

I am a southern girl and proud to be. I like watching football. (which isn’t soccer no matter who tells you different) I am an Auburn Tiger and love being undeafeated this year. I order sweet tea wherever I go.

Those are a few things that make me Bailey Jakab.

THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait til Fall Break!!! I am going to Orange Beach for a week. I’m so excited there is no way I will be able to sit still today. (Friday) Joelle is also going so I will hopefully see her somewhere.  I love the beach, but I am terrified of sharks so I won’t get in the water past my hips. Man I’m such a wimp!  I’ll try to post pictures up on my blog.

Can’t sit still!!!!!


Those Crazies at the Creek!!!!

Last night Juliana and I went down to the creek to search for insects. (For those of you who don’t have Mrs. Helms we have to do a insects collection.) As we were trying to catch a bug we saw two butterflies land, and we got excited. Juliana and I started chasing them with nets and Windex. We were both laughing the whole time we are chasing the butterflies. The butterflies got away and I threw the net down and screamed ” I HATE THIS PROJECT!!!!!!” Juliana is mad too so she is screaming and squirting Windex all over the place. Then we look over and see this family riding their bikes on the Greenway. The family is staring at us like we are a bunch of crazies and idiots (no comments). Juliana looks at me and we start cracking up for like ten minutes. After we stop laughing, she says “that was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.” My reply was, ” mine too.”


Everyone stop and say a prayer for those who died in Washington D.C., New York, and airplane 77 nine years ago.  Also pray for the brave firemen who risked their lives to save others.

God Bless